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CENTRE BRAIN: 5 Prompts to Persuasive Power PB

  • ISBN 9780281077908
  • Author ADAMS STEVE
  • Pub Date 20/07/2017
When facing a red light, what can you say to turn it green?...
When facing a red light, what can you say to turn it green?

Hooking an audience? Sweating in a job interview? The results of what you say aren't coincidence. Whether you persuade, or not, is down to whether you use the right prompts.

The Centre Brain - the body's action centre - responds to what it hears. And, if the right prompts are used, the brain can be persuaded to act. This book explains why your communication works, or doesn't. Why you prompt action, or don't.

The result of a 20-year quest to discover what prompts action, this book offers readers a glimpse into the story behind their stories. Combining psychological insight, real-life experience and inspiring application, this book will empower you to really make the most of your message.

As reviewed by Dr. Stephen McQuoid in May 2018- 'This is basically a book about communication by someone who works on the ground with organizations and churches helping them on their branding. Adams argues that different parts of our brain are used for different actions and that the action part of the brain is the centre brain. From here he goes on to talk about the art of persuasion using 5 different persuasion prompts, each of which are described and articulated in different chapters. He rounds off the book with a number of different communication techniques. Each one is described with the help of examples and stories which illustrate his points well. If communication and persuasion is part of your business or ministry, then there are interesting and practical suggestion in this book which would help and it is packaged in a very readable way. Marketing people (and preachers/evangelists) take note, you might get some good ideas here.'

Product details:

Paperback: 172 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0281077908
Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 2 x 13.1 cm