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  • ISBN 9781907098154
  • Pub Date 30/05/2013
Publisher OPAL/GLO
Excellent NEW resource from GLO, putting together the insights and wisdom from the Tilsley College 'Learning to Lead' course. CD-ROM also available - Please see below for discounts on bulk orders, and FREE CD Roms!
Our world is facing a leadership crisis at every level – in government, commerce and society at large.

The church is not exempt from this and cries out for a new generation of men and women willing to come forward and pick up the leadership baton.

'Learning to Lead' is written by church leaders for church leaders. It seeks to encourage the pursuit of excellence and prepare leaders to face the challenges of an ever-changing world. The authors tackle the range of issues leaders face offering biblical and practical advice stemming from years of experience. Whether you are an established leader or just beginning, this book will help you to identify what Christian leadership is about. Busy elders will find it an excellent resource for developing new leaders. Emerging leaders will be encouraged by the honest and relevant approach.

'Vision, communication, integrity, handling conflict, managing change…until the lessons of this profoundly biblical and deeply practical guide are digested by elders and deacons across the country, our churches will be like ships without a rudder. Buy several copies, take your leadership team prayerfully through it, and you will not fail to be better leaders as a result.'
—Jeremy McQuoid Teaching Pastor Deeside Christian Fellowship, Aberdeen

'Good and godly leadership is the critical need for the church of Jesus Christ in every continent. Some leaders may have special natural abilities but all who engage in leadership of any sort can learn to be better and more effective leaders. This book makes a valuable contribution to leadership training, building on a firm biblical foundation and containing wise advice and practical guidelines for any who take this role in the local church and also in any form of Christian ministry. It is highly recommended.'
—Ian Burness General Director Echoes of Service, Bath

David Clarkson, a member of staff at Tilsley College, has had a strong interest in leadership training for many years. He produced the original 'Learning to Lead' course and has taught successive versions of it both locally and internationally.

Stephen McQuoid is the General Director of Gospel Literature Outreach and an elder at Liberty Community Church in Bellshill, Scotland. He is the author of several books and his gifts in evangelism and training are evidenced in his wide preaching ministry.

Approximate Dimensions: 15.3 x 1.3 x 22.7cm

Paperback 182 pages

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