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  • ISBN 0000768710227
  • Pub Date 29/05/2018
Publisher integrity music
'In you I find the fullness of your freedom / You're all I ever needed / Your peace is mine'...
'In you I find the fullness of your freedom / You're all I ever needed / Your peace is mine'

New from the increasingly vibrant LIFE Worship comes Speak to the Storm. An album of songs that relate to the daily journey of faith. From songs that speak of faith in the dark night of the soul, to the limitless reasons we have to praise God, Speak to the Storm is about living as loved by God.

Hailing from Bradford, LIFE Worship work to create songs for communities of believers. Through complete honestly, deep faith, and a heartfelt pursuit of God’s presence. Following up Dance Again and Wide Open Space, Speak to the Storm is a series of musical testimonies from the men and women of LIFE Worship. Written to help people connect with God, songs like Peace Be Mine, Seas of Glass and Freedom at the Cross speak to different seasons of faith.

They are songs for faith in the calm and in the storm. For when you don’t have the words to express, or can do nothing but praise God. Speak to the Storm focuses on Jesus as the source of victory.

Led by Jock James Matt Hooper Aaron Baxter Eby Corydon and Sem Schaap, Speak the Storm is the next step in the powerful adventure of worship that is LIFE Worship.

Product details:

Author / Artist: LIFE Worship
Format: CD
Publisher: Integrity (May 2018)
Weight: 105g
ISBN: 0000768710227