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  • ISBN 5019282325324
  • Pub Date 27/02/2012
Publisher Kingsway music
Spread across six CDs, this 100-strong track list reads like an ultimate worship compilation. It’s all there: the massive anthems that f...
Spread across six CDs, this 100-strong track list reads like an ultimate worship compilation.

It’s all there: the massive anthems that fill stadiums and cathedrals alike (‘HistoryMaker’, ‘Agnus Dei’ and ‘Beautiful One’), as well as the songs that have strengthened faith across the globe (‘Here I Am To Worship’, ‘In Christ Alone’ and ‘Blessed Be Your Name’). There are some old ones (‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’, ‘Praise The Mighty Name of Jesus’ and ‘Great Is Your Faithfulness’) as well as some more recent classics (‘Facedown’, ‘Majesty’ and ‘Dreamers of Impossible Dreams’).

Track List:
1 A Love So Amazing
2 Great Is Your Faithfulness
3 On The Edge
4 Who Is Like You?
5 In Majesty He Rides
6 We Come In Your Name
7 Of One Thing I Am Certain
8 Beautiful Saviour
9 Holy Holy God Almighty
10 Blessed Assurance
11 Holy Spirit How I Love You
12 Jesus Hope Of The Nations
13 You Pour Out Grace
14 There Is A Time
15 O God Of Love (How Good It Is)
16 Father Your Love
17 What Can I Say
18 All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name
19 The King Of Love
20 I Will Come To The Waters And Drink
21 We've Come To Praise You
22 Your Love O Lord (Highest)
23 Not To Us
24 With A Prayer
25 Jesus Name Above All Names
26 Here I Am To Worship
27 To You King Jesus
28 Standing On Holy Ground
29 Beautiful One
30 I Want To Know You
31 From Everlasting
32 Praise The Mighty Name Of Jesus
33 I Live My Life
34 I'm Making Melody
35 Praise Adonai
36 May The Words Of My Mouth
37 In Christ Alone
38 And After All (Unashamed)
39 Waves Of Grace
40 Crown Him With Many Crowns
41 God Gave Us His Son
42 You Shaped The Heavens
43 I Want To Be Out Of My Depth In Your Love
44 I Have No One In Heaven
45 Be Lifted Up
46 Send The Rain
47 You Are My Anchor
48 Jesus Christ (All My Love)
49 There Is One Name
50 Jesus Christ Holy One
51 History Makers
52 All Of Me
53 Perfect Love
54 What Wonder Of Grace
55 My Desire
56 Look What You've Done In My Life
57 I Can Feel The Touch
58 God Of Mercy
59 Made Me Glad
60 The Lord Reigns
61 Most High
62 Worthy You Are Worthy
63 What A Friend I've Found
64 Oh How Sweet To Trust You Jesus
65 When I Was Lost
66 There Is A Passion
67 See What A Morning
68 Holy Holy
69 To You O Lord
70 For The Cross
71 Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty
72 Take Us To The River
73 Good And Gracious
74 Worship The Lord
75 Maker Of All Things
76 I Will Call Upon The Name Of The Lord
77 Great Redeemer
78 Who Is There Like You?
79 I'm So Amazed
80 Lord I'm Grateful (Grace)
81 Blessed Be Your Name
82 King Of The Ages (All You Have Done)
83 There Is A Day
84 Dreamers Of Impossible Dreams
85 Jesus Redeemer
86 Agnus Dei
87 Jesus Shall Reign
88 Dancing With The Father
89 Do You Love To Praise The Lord (Dance)
90 Draw Me After You
91 I Stand Amazed
92 Name Above All Names
93 Mercy Over Me
94 Shepherd Of My Thankful Heart
95 There Must Be More Than This
96 You Are My Passion
97 Majesty
98 I Am He That Liveth
99 Who Paints The Skies
100 Facedown