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What could be more familiar than Christmas? And yet... what could be stranger than God’s plan for salvation?...
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It’s a common saying in churches that ‘Christmas begins with Christ’, but for many people the festive season is becoming less about Jesus and more about shopping, television, presents, turkeys and Christmas trees. Even for those in the Church, it’s important to come back to the Bible and remember the ‘reason for the season’....
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ONE TRUE GIFT: 24 Daily Readings for Advent PB

An inspiring Advent journey into the heart of the Gospel message as you prepare for Christmas. Christmas is meant to be full of joy and light; but all too often it is spoiled by grumbling and arguing. So this year, prepare to encounter Christ afresh in a way that will make you a bearer of peace and goodwill all season long....
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ONE TRUE LIGHT: Daily Readings for Advent PB

Daily advent readings from John Chapter 1 to inspire you as you approach Christmas. We may be familiar with the baby in the manger, but have you met the Word who was in the beginning with God? Have you met the One True Light who is full of grace and truth? Or the Cosmic Lord who won the right for people to become Children of God? They are one and the same person....
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ONE TRUE STORY: 24 Daily Readings for Advent PB

An inspiring Advent journey into the heart of the Gospel message as you prepare for Christmas. Everyone loves the Christmas story. But the story of the baby in the manger is the culmination of a thousand other stories...
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THE CHRISTMAS WE DIDN'T EXPECT: Daily Devotions for Advent PB

The Christmas story is one surprise after another. But sometimes the details become so familiar that they lose their impact. These Advent reflections, written by David Mathis, help us to dwell deeply on the most stunning and significant event in the history of the world: that God himself became one of us. Be amazed once more by the unexpected details of Jesus' unique birth and saving work with these short daily devotions and prayers, and renew your worship of our humble, generous and loving Saviour...
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Nothing beats the feeling of giving, or receiving, the perfect gift. The most meaningful gifts we receive make us feel known, loved and valued. And when we give a gift like that, it's like we're putting ourselves into our present. And at Christmas, that's exactly what God did. This light-hearted and lively book explores how our gift-giving traditions show us a glimpse of a giving God. Evangelist Glen Scrivener helps readers to celebrate the gift of life in a world brimming with beauty, before taking us to John 3:16 to unwrap the Christmas gift that can give us what we've always wanted, and what we really need...
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Daily reflections and prayers for Advent. We are invited to ponder with childlike trust the beauty and mystery of the incarnation during...
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It comes the same time every year. Christmas. We have plenty of time to anticipate it, or in some cases...dread it....
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St Paul's encouraging words to the Christians in Rome are the springboard for the Archbishop of York's Advent book for 2019. With prayers and stimulating questions for reflection at the end of each daily meditation, here is fresh spiritual food for the Advent journey – pressed down, shaken together and running over....
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