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BLOOD & FIRE: Revival Movements That Transformed Culture and Society PB

In this book, historian Nigel Scotland examines ten powerful revival movements that hugely impacted the social life and culture of large sections of America and the British Isles. Revivals represent a high point of Christian experience, renewing...
£22.80 £23.99

LIVING THE KING JESUS GOSPEL: Discipleship and Ministry Then and Now (A Tribute to Scot McKnight) PB

A Tribute to Scot McKnight Living the King Jesus Gospel brings together biblical scholars, theologians, church historians, and ministry practitioners to discuss the Good News of Jesus Christ, discipleship, and the Christian life throughout the...
£22.80 £24.00

PILGRIMS & PRISONERS: When Justice and Mercy Meet PB

When justice is used as a synonym for judgment we miss the point of justice. The prisons of the world are bursting at the seams with offenders who have been judged guilty and are being punished for wrongdoing. Prisons are a failure...
£18.05 £18.99

WHAT WENT WRONG?: Russia's Lost Opportunity and the Path to Ukraine PB

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 ushered in a tumultuous period for Russia and Ukraine. The Soviet Union broke apart, Communism was exposed as morally bankrupt, and Russian leaders turned to the West for help. In an astonishing development...
£15.20 £15.99
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