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The GLO Bookshop - assisting you in your church ministry!
It's now that time of year again where pastors, teachers and small group leaders dash around organising their resources! I have worn that particular T-shirt, so i've got some idea how difficult and frustrating that can be. So, just a wee summary of the services we can offer that will (hopefully!) make your task a bit easier.

Book of the Month'

We are often asked to provide a feature title to back up a programme of teaching. Typically, we would provide a supply of at least TEN of a title on our ‘Sale or Return' basis, and will arrange a discount on the cover price of the title with the publisher. Takes teaching beyond the Sunday sermons!

Bulk Orders

We would be delighted to quote for supply of larger quantities of Bible study materials, Bibles or hymn books! We will use our contacts with suppliers to offer you excellent value. Discounts may vary depending on the quantity requested & the nature of the product. When enquiring about bulk orders, please allow adequate time for us to speak to our suppliers. A written quotation can be supplied.

Through our network of suppliers, we can often source 'hard-to-find' materials at very competitive prices. We have recently sourced a large quantity of American published study materials for a local church fellowship, and were also able to locate copies of an 'out of print' book for another church. We can't always deliver the goods- but we will always have a very good try!!

These facilities can also be used for Reading Groups connected with local churches or libraries etc - please ask for further details.
Sale or Return Facility
This can be requested to enable review of items for (e.g.) Bible study groups. The facility can also be used to provide your church or fellowship with a Bookstall for special events such as Christmas, Easter or Harvest. Where this is the case, we will provide a 10% discount on sales. Please ask for written details of this arrangement.
Church Partnership Scheme.
This is mainly intended for churches who have different organisations buying resources. We will provide invoices and a monthly Statement to the church treasurer. Where requested, a discount of 5% may be given on church purchases. We also provide selected promotional information and special invitations to Bookshop events. Please ask for written details of this scheme.

Book Agents Facility

This is intended for churches who are able to resource an ongoing or regular Bookstall commitment (at least three times a year). Written details of this facility are available on request. Larger discounts are available on this arrangement, based on a sliding scale of sales. This arrangement works best when someone in the church is prepared to take the responsibility of being a ‘Book Agent', and requires a fair degree of work and commitment! We offer a number of specific 'Bookstall' specials to those who are able to promote the ministry of Christian resources in this way.

We do want to help you promote the ministry of Christian books & resources as much as possible! Please contact us if we can help in any way withadvice, promotions, special events or display suggestions.