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  • ISBN 9781914273049
  • Pub Date 30/08/2021
Frank Haggerty would have seemed to most of us as very unlikely material for a missionary..
Frank Haggerty would have seemed to most of us as very unlikely material for a missionary.

Raised in a poor part of Glasgow, and active as a gang member and gang leader, he was more likely to follow one of his companions to execution in Barlinnie jail than to set sail for Bolivia to preach the Gospel! Yet Frank, reflecting on his early life, saw that God was preparing him, even before his conversion, for his subsequent service. This is illustrated well in the book. Dealing with issues on the mission field, he was greatly helped by his early experiences. It is a reminder that God is the Potter, we are the clay: He moulds us after His plan and for His purpose.

With no real knowledge of God or of the Gospel, Frank started work in a Glasgow factory. There, another young man took note of him, showed kindness to him, explained the way of salvation to him, and continued to influence Frank’s growth as a Christian after he was saved. That person was Harry Burness, who later became a well-known and highly-respected evangelist. Frank’s testimony shows that Harry took the opportunity given to him to be God’s instrument in reaching out to him. Little did Harry realise just how important his interest in Frank would be for the work of God in Bolivia.

These memoirs follow Frank from his conversion, through to his call, and the long trip out to Bolivia. They recount the trials and joys that he and Blanquita had as they saw souls saved through the work of the Gospel. There are many lessons to be learned from this book, and you will find yourself challenged as you read through its pages.

Producer: Ritchie Christian Media
ISBN: 9781914273049