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IN HIS IMAGE: A Biblical Introduction to Social Ethics PB

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  • ISBN 9781999584290
  • Pub Date 01/01/2020
'There is one part of the created order that seems more glorious than all the rest, and that is the human race', writes Dr Stephen McQuoid. 'Human beings – the very pinnacle of creation and image bearers of God...
'There is one part of the created order that seems more glorious than all the rest, and that is the human race', writes Dr Stephen McQuoid. 'Human beings – the very pinnacle of creation and image bearers of God – can mediate His will and purposes.' While McQuoid acknowledges that we all have feet of clay and must walk humbly in this life, he sets out clearly why Christians need to be salt and light and stand up for Biblical truth.

He observes that human identity and sexuality are at the heart of the ethical war that rages in our society; nowhere is the fallenness of humanity more evident than with these issues. Abortion is the silent genocide. There is an assault on marriage, an institution given by God to bring stability and cohesion to the family, and on the issue of gender – the distinctive and dignified identity that God has given each one of us. He deals with each of these ethical battlegrounds uncompromisingly and compassionately. In His Image – A Biblical Introduction to Social Ethics will be of value pastors, preachers, teachers and church members as they grapple with the issues at the heart of our culture and society.

'This book provides a helpful introduction to the dramatic changes in ethics taking places in the Western world. The first part of the book gives a general introduction to the Bible's description of man's special place in creation, how we are made in the image of God and the implications for us as male and female and social beings. It discusses the effect of the Fall and our rejection of God's authority. A second section discusses how Judaeo-Christian morals and ethics based on God's character are now challenged by a personalised morality and the resulting intolerance to Christian ethics. How Christian ethical standards change our culture is very beautifully illustrated by reference to each of the 10 commandments. This exposition of the commandments extended my understanding of their effect on wider society as well as the individual. The remaining chapters look at abortion, the redefinition of marriage and the family and transgender culture. These chapters provide a brief background to the history and political context of these changes and their implications. The final part of the book challenges us that we are responsible as salt and light to speak about these issues out of love for our neighbour and to protect our society from harm. We must not be silent. The Church is challenged to be a place where love is shown to all who are sinners like ourselves, offering the hope and forgiveness that only Jesus can bring. I can thoroughly recommend this book. It is brief but provides a well balanced introduction to how to understand the loss of Christian ethics in the UK. The background is well researched and the book will help us to understand our relationship to a hostile and confused society, encourages to stand for the truth and to love those who need the hope that has been given to us.'
- Dr Paul Malcolm, British Church Newspaper, 21st May 2021.

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ISBN: 9781999584290
Producer: Wilberforce Publications
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 125
Release Date: 16.11.2020
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