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101 QUOTES: To Help You Through the Mess of Life PB

Sometimes life can be difficult and messy, and we just need a little bit of encouragement. Five minutes to refocus our mind on what is important can make a huge difference. Featuring quotes from St. Augustine, Corrie ten Boom, R. C. Sproul and Matt Chandler alongside related Bible verses, this little book is packed full of Gospel goodness. In the muck of life, let this little book point your heart towards the One who can lift us out of the pit...
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BE STILL: Psalm Devotions HB

Ours is a restless, rushed society. Life moves ever faster each year. We struggle to fit as much in as we can, and rarely pause for reflection. Perhaps the same is true of our spiritual lives. We can so easily feel that our walk with the Lord is...
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Judy Moore is back following the success of The Dog Who Thought His Name Was No with more anecdotes that will make you laugh and make you think. God has given each of us a unique voice, but our circumstances can sometimes silence us...
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Everyone experiences difficult seasons in life. Loss, pain, anxiety, and frustration can lead to discouragement and sometimes a feeling of hopelessness. 'Fear Not: Prayers & Promises for Difficult Times' incorporates more than 70 themes to help you find the assurance you need in the promises of God's Word. Uplifting prayers offer an opportunity for deeper reflection and connection with your heavenly Father. By staying connected to God, and believing the promises of his Word, you can live a fulfilling, blessed life in spite of your challenging circumstances...
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POSTCARDS: From The Land Of Grief HB

Raw, honest and personal thoughts to comfort you on the journey through grief. Grief can often feel like a gnawing homesickness for a place where you used to live, but to which you can never return. Richard Littledale has written a series of short, candid thoughts and reflections from his own experience of widowhood that will resonate and bring comfort and understanding to anyone experiencing bereavement....
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We all long to slow down and be at peace. In this beautifully illustrated book, popular author and retreat leader Liz Babbs presents creati...
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TUMBLING SKY: Psalm Devotions for Weary Souls HB

34 undated Psalm devotions for weary souls...
£7.60 £7.99
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