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  • ISBN 9781916013018
  • Pub Date 01/01/2020
This book has been written with the simple aim of helping self-taught amateur preachers, and novice preachers, to improve. And those who have had some preaching training, whether at Bible school or in other ways, will find it helpful as a refresher
It has long been the case that many Christian preachers have learned to preach simply by doing it. Eventually, many have found their way to reasonable competence, but only through much longsuffering on the part of their hearers!

This method, however, carries the risk that preachers will simply reinforce bad habits and practice as well as good ones. The fact is that much can be learned about preaching, both through books and in the classroom, provided the learning is coupled with practice that is constructively criticized both by the preacher and others.

This book has been written with the simple aim of helping self-taught amateur preachers, and novice preachers, to improve. And those who have had some preaching training, whether at Bible school or in other ways, will find it helpful as a refresher. Why not use it as a textbook for training preachers in the local church and in other local groups?

'It is basically a book of practical advice on preaching aimed at new preachers but could also be of help to more seasoned preachers. It covers issues like sermon construction, bible interpretation, illustrations, use of media and also the character and presentation of the preacher. Both Jeremy and I have a passion for good preaching and he in particular is an excellent preacher. This book comes from that perspective and encourages budding preachers to commit to their ministry for God’s glory and the growth of the church.'

-Stephen McQuoid, GLO Europe General Director

Stephen McQuoid has been General Director of GLO Europe for the past 10 years and before that he was Principal of Tilsley College, which prepares people for Christian mission and ministry. Stephen preaches and teaches in many churches throughout the UK and abroad, has written many books, and is an avid reader and reviewer of books. His interests also include football and scuba diving.

Jeremy McQuoid is Teaching Pastor at Deeside Christian Fellowship Church, Aberdeen. His M.Div is from Trinity Divinity School, Chicago; his D.Min from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Boston. A previous book, The Amazing Cross(IVP) was co-authored with his wife, Elizabeth, a trustee of Keswick Ministries. Jeremy is a trustee of the Pathways network, encouraging people to consider full-time Gospel ministry.

Review from John Baigent June 2020

Two for the price of one! A dynamic duo of brothers giving us the fruits of their combined and extensive experience of preaching the Bible, biblically and relevantly. Excellent!

Review from Jonathan Lamb, founding Director of Langham Preaching, and author of ‘Preaching Matters’ (IVP).

'It is estimated that some 80% of those preaching in local churches around the world have little or no Biblical training and very few study resources. They seek to proclaim scripture faithfully and encourage their congregations, yet we know that they would welcome help. And in the western world, including in the UK, it is also true that a large number of people who are serving their churches through preaching have also had limited opportunity for training.

Learning to Preach is a welcome contribution to the growing resources which are available for those who, without much support, are called upon to preach. In a single volume it seeks to span the most important themes which are essential for any preacher, and it is an accessible and motivating book that we hope will be widely used.

When it comes to preaching, convictions matter more than techniques, whether to do with the Bible, the Holy Spirit or the preacher. So it is very significant that Learning to Preach begins with an emphasis on the centrality of the Bible passage itself, and the vital importance of clearly explaining its truth and relevance. Preachers not only need to be convinced that scripture is God’s living and powerful Word but also that, as they explain the passage to others, the Spirit is at truly work in the preacher and listener alike. And not only the Word and the Spirit, but the preacher too: our integrity of life and our prayerful commitment to the preaching task are essential to the credibility of our preaching. These fundamental convictions are very helpfully emphasised in this book.

Further, the book introduces the key elements of understanding the nature of the Bible books we have to preach, looking at their context and style of writing, and then seeking to develop a sermon outline that will reinforce the key message of the passage, making it clear and accessible, and engaging carefully with the congregation through wise ‘take-off and landing’. Understandably, the book inevitably has both the strengths and weaknesses of being a slim single volume. A preacher starting up in their ministry might need more help in the areas of how to interpret and apply the Bible passage, but Learning to Preach does a good job in covering the bases, and the authors are to be commended for being so comprehensive alongside their concern for accessibility.

Many of us began to preach in youth groups or small congregations and would have welcomed the guidance and encouragement that this book represents. So it’s well worth churches buying multiple copies for lay preachers, elders, women’s workers, and youth leaders – indeed, anyone who has the task of explaining the Bible to others. But it is specially valuable for those who are asked to preach as part of a church team, and it would serve as a helpful curriculum for running a preachers’ group in a local church.

Its themes are clearly and crisply expressed, and it sustains a warm and encouraging communication style that conveys the passion and expertise of its authors. A very helpful tool to strengthen our churches!

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'Learning to Preach' is one of the 'Learning to ...' series of books, which aim to help local church leaders and others who are active in church life with the challenges they face.

Paperback 133 pages
Published by OPAL and Partnership 1st June 2020
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